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Lombok with its warm tropical water has been a secret tip for surfers for many years. A wide variety of surf spots spread all along the coast and Kuta is an ideal starting point to explore all the hidden treasures. No matter whether you will be standing the first time on a surfboard, already surfing some green waves or looking for your next challenge on barrelling waves, there is a spot for every level of surfing on Lombok. Our surf team grew up on Lombok and knows its waves like no other. They make sure that you will surf the best spot at the best time!

We are a small camp and pay attention to surf only in small groups of maximal 6 guests at once whereby we always have one teacher on two guests. In such small groups, we ensure an optimal care for each guest and we don’t overfill the surf spots since also other surfers want to catch some waves! Sharing is caring! 

Most surf spots consist of several sections of different level. Thus, it often is possible that one group of mixed levels can surf the same spot at different positions. Whenever possible we will also split the guests up according to their level to surf different spots.

We have a special teaching system to ensure a faster, more feedback-related learning: We always have one extra teacher in the water who will be at a different spot in the water than your 'personal' teacher to ensure that always someone sees how you surf your wave. They will give you tips which you then directly can try to realize in your next wave. Moreover, this extra teacher adds to the safety in the water since he will be very fast with you in case you need help.*

We also use photo-analysis to study your surfing in detail. It can help a great deal to understand your mistakes if you actually can see them for yourself on the pictures.

Furthermore, you get your pictures for FREE as a great memory of your holidays and to see your progress and development over the time!   

Even though improving your surf skill is a central element, having fun in the water and enjoying everything that comes with surfing will never be cut short!

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