What We Stand For:

Drop in Lombok is the realisation of 3 surfer girls. We are an all-female owned enterprise that wants to spread the passion for surfing and most of all provide highly qualitative surf coaching in a private setting. We chose to not go for large numbers of guests but believe in small groups. We only take six guests per coaching week and believe that this is the path to reach the most effective, personalized result for our guests.

We also look after our staff who is mostly local. We provide training and pay above minimum wage. All our staff has insurance and is paid performance bonuses. We operate completely legal and pay all taxes. With exception of head coach Scott and his right hand Tyler, all our surf instructors were born and raised in Lombok. Most of Lombok's surf spots are only accessible by boat. We decided not to own our own boat so we can share our business with a variety of boat owners and captains. We are proud to say we are a Lombok surf camp leaving a positive impact on everyone involved.

Our Guests:

Are you a mature traveller of any age who is young at heart, loves an adventure, is keen on meeting extraordinary people from all over the world, knows the value of such personal and intensive coaching and is open for constructive criticism and letting us tweak your surf techniques? We will infuse you with the stoke and provide you with a tropical home away from home with top-notch coaching which you can apply to any surf break around the world.

Why Lombok?

Lombok is a beautiful island with a friendly population and consistent surf all year around. Many claim that Lombok is what Bali used to be 25 years ago: an Indonesian island with great culture and a supportive community without the mass tourism and the heavy traffic. Lombok still allows you to lead an authentic surfer lifestyle in a tropical paradise with friendly locals, beautiful beaches, fascinating landscapes and great food.

Our Story:

We are three girls (2 Swiss, 1 Bavarian) who once upon a time fell in love with Lombok, its people and its waves. Our paths crossed in Kuta, Lombok in 2013 and we soon realised that we all shared the same dream. A year later we opened Drop In Cafe. The cafe later expanded to include a lodge with bungalows and later on a Lombok surf camp providing excellent coaching. We wanted to provide a home for ourselves and like-minded people who want to surf, learn and relax in a beautiful environment. Since autumn 2016 we have been able to provide surfers and travellers from all over the world with such a surfers' home. We are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to live and work here, meet fantastic people and, of course, go surfing as often as possible.