Not a (full time) surfer? We still got you covered!

Drop In works together with the best from the best on Lombok. You can choose from different diving courses with Blue Marlin Dive, yoga sessions at Drop In or pumping workout classes with Loka Gym & Recovery Center.

Diving: As we strive for highest quality, we were looking for a competent diving partner who stands for professional work, good equipment, safety and passion. We found these requirements in Blue Marlin Dive with Shannon and Marie.

Blue Marlin Dive will take you for a journey along the scenic coast road from Kuta to Telong Elong to reach their boat and dive the South/ East Coast of Lombok. They guarantee an unforgettable experience that will take you off the beaten track. Meet reef sharks, turtles, sea snakes, manta rays, dolphins and many more. The dive sites offer amazing topography including deep walls, swim through and caves.

We offer Padi Open Water or Padi Advanced Course or Fun Diving Days. Blue Marlin Dive also arranges emergency first responder (EFR) and Padi Rescue courses in case you haven't done these courses yet.

Loka Gym and Recovery Center: Loka offers a variety of options for your next workout, with classes for all levels of fitness. Loka has built a community around health and fitness, who is committed to reaching their goals together as a team, even a family.
At Loka, they’re all about helping you reach your goals. Consider them the fitness solution for anyone who is ready to take themselves to a higher level of health and wellbeing.

Yoga: We work together with an experienced and excellent local yoga teacher who will guide you through your yoga sessions at our Lodge. The spacious yoga area is located on the top level of Drop In Surf Lodge and ensures an adequate atmosphere for relaxing and strengthening yoga routines. We offer Yoga sessions several times per week.

Customize your packages with these extra activities, we are happy to assist you with any questions (bookable depending on availability)!