Has your surfing progression curve been steep but do you find yourself now on a plateau, stuck doing the same repetitive movements and not improving anymore? Then these intensive surf coaching packages are for you!

We unlock your full surfing potential and fast track your surfing with specialised, intensive and personalized coaching focusing on body mechanics, performance analysis, theoretical lessons, technique, psychology and lots of surf photography. Your surfing will be analyzed from top to toe!

We are working intensively in small groups to ensure progress and individual coaching depending on your main focus. Our coaches with years of experience support you individually and our qualified team takes good care of you.

We offer five specialized packages several times a year, have a look at them and their dates below. Our basic surfcamp packages take place all year round! 

Wahine Surfcamp Package

The bootcamp for girls! Besides women being totally awesome we come across unique challenges while surfing so the Wahine Surfcamp package has put the focus on technique and confidence.

The camp week brings you out of your comfort zone, both physically and mentally with an average of 10 surf sessions within the week.

You can participate in daily workshops about surfing tactics, performance techniques, mental training and personal analysis all from our professional surf consultant.

Focus: girls camp, technique

Participants: max. 6 persons


Own board, good physical fitness, good intermediate surf level and the will to surf beyond your limits.

Ka Mana Surfcamp Package

This package combines surf coaching with Yoga to create the ultimate balance of zen for your mind, body and soul. During our camp week you will be coached by professional surf teachers and certified Yoga teachers of Asthari Yoga Shala. 

The surf specific yoga is for all levels, whether you are as stiff as a stick or bendy like rubber.

The surf coaching is performed by our qualified Instructor who has years of experience and will coach you daily to perfect your technique whilst bringing  a lot of passion.

If you are after that Zen surfing experience for your mind, body and soul then the Ka Mana Surfcamp Package is for you. Please bring your own board. 

Focus: fun surfing and yoga 

Participants: max. 6 persons


Daily Yoga Sessions at Drop In Lodge ( 75min at 6 days)

Piha Piha Surfcamp Package

A surf course devoted to surfing technique and  surf strength training! We analyze your surfing technique to help you become a more dynamic surfer whilst concentrating on surf specific exercises and fitness training that target areas that will enhance your surfing performance.

There are some habits most surfers have that need to be corrected in order to make a break-through so if you want to get to the next level, then the Pahi Pahi Surfcamp Package is for you.

A personal trainer will train you in the studio and show you the best surf specific exercises whilst our professional surf coach will analyze your technique in the water.

Focus: technique and fitness

Participants: max. 6 persons


Own board, good physical fitness, good intermediate / advanced surf level

Kahuna Surfcamp Package

This mixed bootcamp package will push you out of your comfort zone physically and mentally. Over 10 surf sessions in the water and a daily load of theory about tactics and techniques, mental training, wipe out sessions and many tips from our professional head coach.

All the tips can directly be practiced during one of your many times in the water. 

Focus: Surfing technique, surf theory, mental training

Participants: max. 6 persons

Requirements: Own board, good physical fitness, good intermediate surf level and the will to surf beyond your limits.

Aloha Surfcamp Package

A big part of surfing is about having the right mindset. If you want to open your mind, have more focus, live in the moment, overcome your fears, gain confidence, awareness, motivation and courage, then the Aloha Surfcamp Package is for you!

During this surf psychology training week you optimize all your senses and surf to your full potential. A qualified mental coach as well as our professional surf coach will be at your disposal for one to one meetings, meditation and sport psychological workshops and a whole lot of surfing.

Focus: Mental coaching for surfing

Participants: max. 8 persons

Requirements: an open mind and a willingness to learn and grow 

included, dates and prices:

  • 7 nights in our tropical lodge 
  • daily healthy power breakfast
  • welcome dinner
  • 6 days intensive surfing program
  • all transportation and boat costs 
  • all teaching material
  • personal analysis sheet
  • your surf photos for free
  • all amenities of the Drop In Lodge 
  • farewell evening together in Kuta

*High Season from 1.7. - 31.10.19