At this coaching we combine our excellent surf coaching with a special surf training on land. This will help you to improve strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and core stability – and ultimately your surfing. Different classes such as Hiit Workouts and Surf Strengths will not only boost your overall fitness but also support and develop your technical capabilities, endurance for long surf sessions and they will give you more confidence in the water.

Complimentary to the fitness classes this package includes some of the best restorative treatments. Ice Bathing and Magnesium Bathing will help you to reduce muscle soreness and pain as well as loosen stiff joints. A special Surfer’s massage will relaxe your full body and will make your muscles recover more quickly.

All trainings are done by Matty from Loka Crossfit Kuta who is a certified Personal Trainer. Jackie from Loka Crossfit Kuta is in charge of all treatments. She is a certified Wellness Coach.

Stretching your body (and mind) is as important to surfing as building strength.  So Yoga is a must-have in this package. Alvin from Mana Yoga gives several Yoga classes per week at Drop In.

What does a day during the Surf & Fitness Week look like?

Depending on the tide and the weather:

  • Breakfast at the Lodge (can be as early as 5 am)
  • Transport by car (and boat) to the surf spot
  • Morning surf session lasting about 2,5 hours (6 x a week)
  • Return to the Lodge for lunch
  • Theory workshop or in-depth photo analysis sessions
  • Afternoon fitness classes @Loka (4x a week)
  • Jump in an Ice and/or Magnesium Bath (twice a week)
  • And finish off the day with a Yoga class @ Drop In (3x a week)


  • 7 Nights accommodation in one of our stylish, bohemian bungalows overlocking a lush tropical garden or Dorm accommodation, with daily housekeeping
  • 6 surf sessions with our excellent coaches
  • 2x detailed surf theory
  • 2x photo analysis with FREE pictures to take home
  • 2x Hiit classes @ Loka
  • 2x Surf Strength classes @ Loka
  • 2x Ice Bath @Loka


  • 2x Magnesium Bath@ Loka
  • 1 x Massage @ Loka
  • 3x Yoga @ Drop In
  • Daily homemade breakfast
  • Welcome BBQ on Sundays
  • Free airport transfer
  • Free flowing coffee/tee and water refill
  • Free Wifi & goodie bag
  • Sunday to Sunday (if not possible, please contact us)


per person



Low Season 2020 

 599 €

719 €

High Season 2020 (1.7. - 31.10.)

619 €

759 €

Bungalow for 2 persons. Single persons can book a bungalow for private use (140 € surcharge).

Minimum age for surf camp is 16. Surfcamp for in-house guests only.


If you’d like to stay 2 weeks and combine two different packages, we’ll be happy to offer you a special price.