Your challenges:

You often pull back at the last moment when paddling for a wave. Fast, steep and bigger waves scare you quickly?

You feel uncomfortable in a crowded line-up; you don’t like to fight for a wave?

You feel insecure and that you lack confidence and courage?

You get distracted easily and keeping your focus is difficult?

You are very self-critical and quickly frustrated?

You had a bad experience once and fear is blocking you now?

What you want to achieve:

You want to surf more waves and have even more fun. Maybe also go to new and more challenging surf spots.

You want to learn how to overcome your fear and use it to your advantage. And how to stay calm and focused.

Refining your surfing technique has been on your list for a long time. It’s the details that make the big difference.

You finally want to make a big leap forward! And you know: For that, you need really focused training.

the Fearless Retreat:

You want to finally improve your surfing technique, but notice that you keep blocking yourself on the mental level? And that's why you don't paddle enough waves or always pull back at the last moment or fall off the wave? And when it doesn't work out, you sink into a negative spiral of thoughts and feel totally frustrated?

You can only improve your surfing technique when the mental blocks are removed. Because what goes on in our head simply influences everything about our surfing. And what we feel in our body in turn influences our thoughts! That's exactly why we created our fearless coaching retreats with our three top specialists about surfing and mental strength.



Look forward to daily surf technique training, lots of time in the water with surf photo analysis (6 days) and intensive mental training with daily group and individual sessions (our Fearless Coach helps you to get your mindset in shape, overcome fears, build up self-confidence and achieve 100% commitment).

Online preparation from home:
In order for you to mentally prepare for our surf coaching week, the retreat begins for you a month beforehand online: You get access to our member area with the basic techniques for mental training (videos & exercises). And we will do a personal 1:1 online mental coaching via Zoom or Skype.

Best of all, Lombok's magnificent waves are simply perfect for learning!


When Fearless Surfer and the Drop In Surf Lodge join forces, only good things can come of it 🙂

Bye bye fear, insecurity and frustration - hello waves!


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