our story

We are three girls who love Lombok, its people and its waves. Our paths crossed in Kuta Lombok 2013 and we soon realized that we all share the same dream - It started with building a house for ourselves and the Drop In Café which opened in spring 2014. In autumn 2014 the second step of the dream started - building bungalows and renting them out. After a short break from building we decided to go the next step: To create a surf camp for same minded people who want to surf and relax in a beautiful environment with professional surf classes and teachers, which we established in fall 2016.

Kuta Lombok developed from a small fishing village to a hot spot for surfers and other travelers. We decided to close our Café to the public since so many new great restaurants opened up in town and created our dorms which are a perfect option for travelers on a smaller budget.

We are happy to have the opportunity to live and work here, to meet some fantastic people and of course to go surfing as much as possible.

our surf and land crew

Scott is our highly qualified head coach and organizes everything around surfing, both in and out of the water! With over 15 years experience in teaching and coaching surfing his knowledge and tips are invaluable! He has been living in Indonesia for over 10 years and now lives by the sea in a small fishing village. 

Rin lives with his family in the small fishing village Gerupuk and is a dedicated teacher and surfer! With his professional as well as social skills he makes every surf session a fun session!  

Doyo is a dedicated teacher and makes sure that your experience in the waves will be an adventure. With his funny, warm personality he makes everyone feeling at ease!

Ing is our local manager at Drop In and looks that everything runs smoothly. He knows Lombok like his pocket and has great tips for any adventure!

the owners

Solli originally comes from Munich, Bavaria, where she ran a Café. After discovering her passion for surfing, she decided that she wants to keep on surfing all year round. She moved to Lombok for good and is now our general manager,  totally indispensable and keeps the whole Drop In family together! 

pic cate

Coming from a skiing village in Switzerland, Catherine soon realized that she also loves the melted form of snow. With her open and communicative personality, she loves to give tips about Lombok. She works as a teacher in Switzerland but spends as many holidays as possible on Lombok.


Mirjam belongs to the Swiss part of Drop In and also works as a teacher in Switzerland and spends most of her holidays under the sun of Lombok. Looking after the garden and baking delicious treats is what makes her happy!