Two Worlds Retreat – Surf & Heal

Our Surf & Heal Retreat is a symbiosis of Drop In Surf Lodge and Cocoon Healing, which share the wonderful property on the lush hill.

Both companies work with the best from the best and the combination of the their vast knowledge ensures you a week with heaps of new input both in surfing and healing.

The combination of surfing and healing sounds a bit unusual at the beginning but if you rethink, both have the same impact on you. The impact of connecting to yourself, stopping your thoughts and focusing on yourself. You heal your body through physical exercise during surfing and your soul and mind through energy work and healing treatments.

The surf part contains 5 surf sessions. All levels are welcome as the main focus is working on your mind set during surfing.

You connect to your body physically and mentally through the 6 yoga session, where you will learn how to properly stretch before and after a surf, how yoga can calm you and your wandering thoughts down.

The healing part will be kind of a surprise for you. Depending on which healer or therapist we co-operate with at the time of this retreat, it can be all kinds of energy work. Reiki to Theta Healing, Sound Healing or Alchemy of Bodywork, Hypnotherapists, Life Coach, Ayurveda, Clay therapy, Human design and many more are possible.

Sure is that this week will change your connection to yourself, help you to get aware of thoughts, triggers, habits and pattern. It will support you in your personal development and strength gain all while also developing your surf skills - what an amazing combination!

If you are open to energy work and want to discover yourself more deeply, this retreat will be perfect for you - physically and mentally.

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