the Wave Survival Breathwork & Rescue Retreat

Before we added this amazing workshop into our intermediate coaching, Solli had the pleasure to give it a try. Even though she has been living in Indonesia for 10 years and she surfs almost every day, she still has her fears like being afraid of wipe outs and drowning. On top she has no idea how to either rescue herself nor others. She started on the first day with a 28 breath hold of 28 seconds. After one day breathwork workshop, she already made it to 1 minute and 38 sec. Since then, she’s been feeling much safer during surfing and she even goes for the bigger waves now.

What about you? Do you know how to rescue your surf buddy? How to pull a 90 kg man onto a surf board or a boat? And once you made it to shore, what the next step is?

In this powerful and important work shop you are going to learn:

How to stay calm during a wipe out
How to control your thoughts and your breath
What your body is capable of
How breathing physically works
How to administer CPR

The Apnea Freediving Crew teaches you all the important know-hows in an entertaining but serious way. There will be lots of practice in the pool while the rescue part takes place in the ocean where you will be faced with real staged rescue situations and learn how to react.

Key features of this package:

  • 7 surf sessions (intermediate level)
  • 2 days wave survival breathwork & rescue:
    • theory
    • practice in the pool
    • breathwork exercises on land
    • CPR training
    • rescue training in the water
    • a manual to take home
  • photo analysis (incl. photos for free)
  • surf theory workshops
  • 7 nights accommodation with many more included services (check prices and further details here)