the beginner – intermediate SURFCAMP

They say surfing is an addiction...
Once you got the feeling of riding a wave you won't be able to stop paddling for a next wave. Surfing is freedom and nature in one of its purest forms. In our basic beginner and intermediate surf camp, we focus on providing the best surf experience cut to your personal needs while staying at the idyllic, tropical Drop In Surfcamp on the beautiful South coast of Lombok - Indonesia.    more info

the LODGE and B&B

Drop In with its six tropical private bungalows and two Dorm rooms, a swimming pool with a comfy chill area and the main house provide a private and familiar setting where relaxing and unwinding are top priorities! Whether you want to take advantage of one of our surf packages in our surf camp or whether you are an individual traveler simply looking for a peaceful and cosy B&B accommodation, we offer it all!  more info


Are you a good intermediate to advanced surfer but do you feel sometimes like you don't make any progress anymore? Do you want to unlock your full surfing potential? 

Then you are right in one of our intensive surf coachings where we totally focus on YOUR needs! You can choose from five specialized packages that take place a few times every year. From Yoga to Crossfit to intensive surfing to girls only and mental training - there is something for everyone!   more info