About Drop In

Drop in Lombok is the realisation of 3 female surfers

Drop In was founded by 3 female surfers, with the aim to spread the passion for surfing and most importantly, offer high quality surf coaching in a private setting. We have decided against a large number of guests and focus on small groups. We only take six guests per week of training and believe that this allows us to achieve the most effective and personalised result for our guests.

What We Stand For

We also look after our staff, most of whom are local. We train them and pay them above the minimum wage. All our staff are insured and receive performance bonuses. We operate completely legally and pay all taxes. With the exception of head coach Scott, all our surf instructors were born and raised in Lombok. Most of the surf spots on Lombok are only accessible by boat. We have chosen not to own a boat so that we can share our business with a variety of boat owners and captains. We pride ourselves on being a surf camp on Lombok that has a positive impact on everyone involved.

How it all started

Three girls (2 Swiss, 1 Bavarian) who fell in love with Lombok, its people and its waves a long time ago. Our paths crossed in 2013 in Kuta, Lombok, and we quickly realised that we all had the same dream. A year later, we opened Drop In Cafe. The cafe later expanded into a lodge with bungalows and then into a surf camp in Lombok, where we exclusively offered surf lessons. We wanted to create a home for ourselves and like-minded people who want to surf, improve or relax in a beautiful, private environment. Since autumn 2015, we have been able to offer such a surf home to surfers and travellers from all over the world. in 2021 we had to make room for the motor GP shift and started from scratch at our new location in the mountains. We have changed our concept and now offer this unique, high quality surf coaching for only 6 guests. We’re incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to live and work here, meet fantastic people and of course go surfing as often as possible. 

Why Lombok?

Lombok is a beautiful island with a friendly population and consistent surf all year round. Many say that Lombok is what Bali was 25 years ago: an Indonesian island with great culture and a helpful community without the mass tourism and heavy traffic. On Lombok you can still live an authentic surfer lifestyle in a tropical paradise with friendly locals, beautiful beaches, fascinating landscapes and good food.

Our Guests

Are you a mature traveller of any age who is young at heart, loves adventure, wants to meet extraordinary people from all over the world, knows the value of such personal and intensive coaching and is open to constructive criticism and improving your surfing technique through us? We’ll awaken the Stoke in you and offer you a tropical home away from home with first class coaching that you can apply at any surf break in the world. Guests who are more into a fun surf and party camp will definitely have a hard time here.

Our Amazing Team

The team at Drop In is a family. We don’t just work together, we look after each other. Over 7 years, our crew has remained the same. Everyone loves doing their part to make Drop In a memorable experience. Without them, we wouldn’t be as successful and it wouldn’t be as much fun.


Papa Smurf

Head Coach

His passion, knowledge and experience are out of this world. Even after 15 years of teaching, he never gets tired and teaches you as if you were his very first student.


The SA Girl

General Manager

Kendall, our business manager, is the queen of getting things done. Without her, we’d still be in the Middle Ages of technology. She makes sure your stay is remarkable.

Bahar, Johnson, Adi & Rin

The Local Surf Crew

Surf Instructors

They’re such different characters, but together they’re simply the best crew you can find on Lombok. Always on time, reliable, fun, wave finders, position givers, motivators, teachers and supervisors. We’re proud to have them working with us and grateful that they have been with us for so many years.


The real Neptune

Breathwork Instructor

Shannon is a dive instructor from Blue Marlin dive here in Lombok. His in water shots are just insane. He also runs the breathwork session and loves to shares his incredible knowledge about the ocean with you.

Senim, Neesa & Atun

The Ladies


Senim, Neesa & Atun are the house keeping ladies.

Imok, Ani & Anik

Morning Kitchen Crew


Imok, Ani, Anik are the kitchen fairies in our crew.

Edi & Dewi

Evening Kitchen Crew


Edi & Dewi are our dream team for your dinner. Everything they prepare for you is delicious. They make sure you get the protein and carbs you need to get you through your surf week.

Kayun & Doni

The garden magicians


Kayun & Doni, the magicians of our garden.


The guy with the insider tips

HR Manager

Ing, our receptionist, is the walking guide. If anyone knows about it, it’s him. He’s the master at organising everything you might need, and he does it with such a friendly manner and pleasure.

Bazil & Badil

The night owls


Always around if you need anything at night

Mirjam & Catherine

The Swiss Girls


Before Catherine and Mirjam married and had children, they spent their long-term holidays in Lombok. They took time out from teaching in Switzerland and put tears and sweat into building Drop In. Now they come on holiday once a year with their family.


The Bavarian in the Swiss Crew


She has lived on Lombok since 2012. After running a café in Munich, she decided to follow her passion for surfing and realise her dream together with Catherine and Mirjam. Solli is responsible for the bookings and the legal part.

Our Partnerships

Loka Lombok

Loka is Kuta Lombok’s premiere destination for fitness. We offer numerous fitness classes, personal training, or use the open gym. The focus remains on a high-energy, supportive, result-driven environment for fitness fanatics and newcomers alike. We’re all about helping you reach your fitness goals.

Blue Marlin Dive

Blue Marlin Dive is the largest dive operator in Indonesia. It has 6 locations – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air, Komodo, Senggigi Lombok and recently Kuta Lombok. With a fleet of more than 12 day boats and 2 liveaboards, Blue Marlin has become a major dive network.

Zealous Surfwear

Surf bikinis with an outstanding fit that offer comfort and stay on in the surf. Besides an elaborated fit, the colorways and patterns make Zealous’ surf wear truly unique. In addition to surf wear, I also produce surf inspired streetwear to equip you with beautiful apparel for European seasons.

Our Certifications and Safety Measures

Amazing Teachers

Certified life guards and surf coaches

Lifeguard Training

The surf crew conducts lifeguard training every year

#1 Tripadvisor

We are ranked #1 in Lodges in Kuta, Lombok