General Info

We're perfectly located near many of the best surf spots Lombok has to offer. A short drive will take you to Gerupuk Bay, Tanjung Aan and a little further to Ekas Bay.

Kuta is only 10 minutes away by motorbike. When you have had enough of the hustle and bustle of the town, you return to the tranquillity of nature.

If you're a fan of Moto GP, you're in luck: we're only 5 minutes away from the main entrance and have a view of the race track. Once a year, the big race takes place and you have a front row seat.

One of Lombok's most beautiful beaches is just around the corner. Tanjung Aan beach is the perfect place to relax, eat local food and swim in the crystal clear waters

How to get to Drop In in South Lombok


Fly with airlines like Lion Air, Wings air or Citylink. With all these airlines, your luggage isn’t included in the price and you have to pay for it when you check in. This also applies to your surfboard. Get there early because sometimes they use small planes and they don’t have much room for boards.


Fast boat: We recommend the company Eka Jaya. Safe, fast and the luggage is free. You can find their timetable at The crossing from Bali to Lombok takes about 2.5 hours. Several routes are offered. Senggigi would be the closest for us.

Slow ferry: Takes between 5 and 7 hours. Check the wave forecast in advance. Not a nice ride if the swell is bigger than 1.5 feet


Pick-up from the airport in Praya (LOP) is included in the package for our surf camp guests. Once you have booked your flight, please email us all flight information (arrival time and flight number) so we can organise our driver. He’ll be waiting for you outside the airport building with a sign. The drive from the airport to the drop-in takes about 20 minutes. We have to charge extra for pick-up at the port as it’s 1.5 to 2 hours away.

Important Information

Before you travel to Lombok


Check your passport before booking your trip. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and in good condition when you enter Indonesia.

Travel Insurance

We recommend that you get travel insurance. In case of cancellation for any reason (illness, force majeure, etc.) we won’t refund your booking. Please check our cancellation policy on your invoice.


Lombok has a typical subtropical climate with rainy and dry seasons. The average air temperature is between 27 and 30°C all year round. The rainy season usually starts in November and lasts until April, with the heaviest rainfall from December to February and even some rain storms. The climate in the rainy season is very humid and warm, but ideal for surfing as there is almost no wind. The dry season starts in May and lasts until October. It’s usually less humid and cooler than the rainy season. Especially in July and August it can be very windy. But climate change makes itself felt here too, with possible rain showers in the dry season or long dry periods during the rainy season!

Changing Money

Money is easy to exchange on Lombok. In Kuta there are now also a number of ATM where you can easily get cash. We recommend that you inform your bank about your trip to Indonesia. Check with your bank if you can withdraw money with your card in Asia, you may need to change your “geo-blocking” settings.

Swimming / Surfing

Lombok borders on the Indian Ocean. The water temperature is between 26 – 29°C all year round, which makes it possible to surf in board shorts or a bikini. In July/August/September, the water can be cooler. We recommend a rashguard so you can be more comfortable.

Time Zone

In winter: CET + 7 hours In summer: CET + 6 hours


The following vaccinations are recommended: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, Measles, Hepatitis A.


There is only a very low risk of malaria on Lombok. The big cities are even free of malaria. Nevertheless, you should generally protect yourself from mosquito bites, because dengue is also transmitted by (diurnal) mosquitoes. You can buy repellent sprays and lotions everywhere in Lombok and they work well.

It’s recommended to take malaria tablets with you if you travel further east (Sumbawa, Flores…). Your local tropical disease centre can give you more information.


There is free WiFi at the Drop In. But yes, it may not work. We’re still on an island. If you need reliable internet, we recommend you buy a local SIM card and an internet package for your phone. SIM -you can buy the cards at many places in Kuta and they only cost a few euros! If you’re staying in Indonesia for more than 3 months, you need to register your phone as soon as you arrive. If you don’t do this after 3 months, it won’t work anymore and you’ll have to pay taxes for it. IMEI is the name of the new rule.


Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) is the official language in Indonesia and is very similar to Malay. The people of Lombok (the ‘Sasak’) also speak their own local language ‘Sasak’ and people who come into contact with tourists usually speak English. Our managers speak fluent English and Solli, one of the owners, also speaks German.


The voltage is 230 volts and the plugs are similar to those in Switzerland and Germany (2-pin). For other plugs you need an adapter, which you can buy in most mobile phone shops.


The national currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR): (01.01.2023)
1 CHF = approx. 17’000 IDR 1 Euro = approx. 16’500 IDR


Lombok is an island with a lot of nature. This also applies to the animals. Fortunately, most of them aren’t poisonous.
You can expect to see geckos, spiders, frogs and scorpions (especially in the rainy season). Sometimes there are also small, thin snakes. They’re more afraid of you than the other way round. This is very rare.


Are the normal means of transport here in Lombok. They’re automatic. They’re super easy to drive and fun. You don’t need an international driving licence as long as you drive in and around Kuta. For a trip to the capital Mataram, we recommend you have one.

Rules & Regulations to enter Indonesia

VOA (Visa on arrival) cost 500.000 Rupiah/50 AUD or 35 Euro. Counts for 30 days. Possible to extend one time for another 30 days with extra charge. Only cash possible

Passport must be valid at least 6 month for departure and must be in good conditions.

Flight ticket out of Indonesia

NEW: Since 10.06.2023: Indonesia dropped the mandate for vaccine.