Intermediate Surf Coaching

A week of high-quality, personalised surf coaching for a maximum of 6 guests

17,500,000 IDR / PP

+2,400,000 IDR single surcharge

What you'll learn

  • Perfecting your bottom turn
  • Improve your stance
  • Angle take off
  • Positioning in the line-up
  • Generating speed
  • First maneuvers like cut back, floater
  • Self analysis tools
  • Wave prediction & maneuver decisions
  • + Much more

Are you an intermediate surfer?

In order to provide excellent intermediate level surf training and maintain the level in the group, we ask you to be honest with yourself and choose the coaching that suits your current level.

  • You’re able to catch most waves on your own
  • Your pop up technique needs the last tweak
  • Your positioning in the line-up needs to be improved
  • You would like to gain more wave knowledge
  • You would like to start doing maneuvers, but don’t know: When? Where? How? Why?
  • You are a passive surfer and wish to gain more confidence

Footage of Intermediate Surfers

Stuck in between levels?

There is a wide range within the intermediate level. We recommend:

If you feel insecure, can’t practise much, aren’t physically fit and don’t like to get out of your comfort zone, choose the more comfortable (lower) level

    As soon we have your information we will get back to you

    Included (General)

    7 relaxing nights in our beautiful Mediterranean bungalows with western standards (incl. daily housekeeping)

    Daily rich & healthy breakfast (buffet with basics and lots of choice from the menu (western & indonesian)

    6 dinners including dessert, prepared by our chef Edi

    An in house massage for your aching muscles

    Free WiFi in the main house and in the bungalows

    1 farewell dinner at a restaurant in town

    24/7 coffee/tea/water

    Airport transfer/for harbor we charge add. 250.000 IDR in 2023, for 2024 it will be 280.000 IDR

    Included (Surf)

    We assume, surfers at this level have their own board

    At least 9 to 10 surf sessions (depending on weather conditions)

    Five morning sessions will be photographed by the head coach

    Two well-trained local surf instructors to help your positioning, catch waves and look after your safety (up to 3 guests)

    One surf mobility/stretching session

    Transport by car and boat to the surf spots

    Daily detailed photo analysis of your waves with the head coach (1,5 to 2 hours)

    Daily theory workshops like speed generation, perfecting your bottom turn etc. (1,5 to 2 hours)

    One breathwork/CPR training with Shannon (around 3,5 hours)

    One in-water camera shooting in 2023, for 2024 you will get a session with a drone filmed

    1:1 feedback session with personalized hands out at the end of your week

    Camp Dates 2024

    April 24

    31 (Mar)-07 (Apr) Intermediate Level 
    21-28 Intermediate Level

    May 24

    19-26 Intermediate Level

    June 24

    26 (May)-02 (Jun) Intermediate Level

    August 24

    18-25 intermediate Level

    25-01.09 intermediate Level

    October 24

    29(Sept)-06 Intermediate Level 
    06-13 Intermediate Level 

    13-20 Intermediate Level

    27-03(Nov) Intermediate Level

    November 24

    03-10 Intermediate Level
    24 (Nov)-01 (Dec) Intermediate Level 

    December 24

    01-08 Intermediate Level

    January 24

    31 (Dec)-01 (Jan) Closed for Renovation
    07-14 Closed for Renovation
    14-21 Low Intermediate Level  FULL
    21-28 Low Intermediate Level  FULL

    February 24

    28 (Jan)-04 (Feb) Intermediate Level FULL
    04-11 Intermediate Level  FULL
    11-18  Low Intermediate Level  FULL
    18-25 Low Intermediate Level FULL
    25-03 Intermediate Level  FULL

    March 24

    03-10 Intermediate Level  FULL
    10-17 Intermediate Level FULL
    17-24 Low Intermediate Level   FULL
    24-31 Intermediate Level FULL

    April 24

    31 (Mar)-07 (Apr) Intermediate Level  FULL
    07-14 Low Intermediate Level   FULL
    14-21 Low Intermediate Level FULL
    21-28 Intermediate Level FULL

    May 24

    28 (Apr)-05 (May) Advanced Level FULL
    05-12 Low Intermediate Level  FULL
    12-19 Low Intermediate Level   FULL
    19-26 Intermediate Level   FULL

    June 24

    26 (May)-02 (Jun) Intermediate Level  FULL
    02-09 Advanced Level  2 Spots left
    09-16 Low Intermediate Level  2 Spots left
    16-23 Low Intermediate Level  FULL
    23-30 Low Intermediate Level   FULL

    July 24

    30 (Jun)-07 (Jul) Low Intermediate Level FULL
    07-14 Low Intermediate Level FULL
    14-21 Low Intermediate Level FULL
    21-28 Low Intermediate Level FULL

    August 24

    28 (Jul)-04 (Aug) Low Intermediate Level  FULL 
    04-11 Low Intermediate Level  FULL
    11-18 low intermediate FULL
    18-25 Intermediate Level   FULL
    25 (Aug)-01 (Sep) Intermediate Level  FULL

    September 24

    01-08  Low Intermediate Level   3 Spots left

    08-15 low intermediate 5 Spots left
    15-22  low intermediate 5 Spots left
    22-29 low intermediate Level 5 Spots left

    October 24

    29 (Sep)-06 (Oct) Intermediate Level FULL
    06-13 Intermediate Level   FULL
    13-20 intermediate Level FULL
    20-27 Low Intermediate Level  1 Spot left
    27 (Oct)-03 (Nov) Intermediate Level 2 Spots left

    November 24

    03-10 Intermediate Level  FULL
    10-17 Advanced Level 5 Spots left
    17-24 Low Intermediate Level 5 Spots left
    24 (Nov)-01 (Dec) Intermediate Level 4 Spots left

    December 24

    01-08 Intermediate 3 Spots left
    08-15 Intermediate 4 Spots left
    15-22 Low Intermediate Level 4 Spots left
    22-29 Closed for Renovation

    Meet Scott your head coach

    The intermediate coaching weeks are led by Scott.

    Scott’s passion, knowledge and experience are out of this world. Even after 15 years of teaching, he never gets tired and teaches you as if you were his very first student. He loves to talk because he gets lost in his love of teaching. The way he explains and teaches you the importance of proper surfing technique is indescribable. Many aha moments are guaranteed. And he is not as scary as he looks like on the picture:)


    A few pics from previous coaching

    A day in the life

    Early birds catches the worm

    First light - first surf session (Head Coach takes photos)

    Transport by car (and/or boat) to the surf spot

    Morning surf session of about 2 to 3 hours

    Back to the lodge

    Shower, healthy breakfast

    Theory workshop @Drop In - led by your Head Coach. Here you'll learn all about the different phases of a maneuver and get an understanding of surf technique (approx. 1 to 2 hours)

    Photo analysis @ Drop In - led by your Head Coach. Wave by wave of each guest, the coach will explain in detail what you can do better to progress (approx. 1.5 to 2.5 hours)

    If we're doing a day trip, photo analysis will take place between surf sessions

    Afternoon/sunset surf session which lasts about 2 to 3 hours

    Dinner at the lodge

    You have about 10 surf sessions in total (rumor has it we're a fun surf boot camp)

    We always have 2 local surf instructors in the water, from 3 guests upwards

    Private Bungalow

    Where you rest & recharge

    1 Double bed or twin beds

    Size: 40 m²

    Description: Your home for the next few days is designed by us. We followed our inspiration and passion for interior design and were influenced by Mediterranean and Indonesian style and combined it with Western standards.

    If you like to stay for B&B only please contact us for availability

    • Double bed or twin bed
    • Air-condition and fan (on request)
    • En-suite bathroom with hot water shower
    • Private veranda
    • Work desk
    • Safety deposit box
    • Cupboard for your clothes
    • Coffee & tea & water
    • Torch & fire extinguisher
    • Mosquito repellent & room spray
    • Baby Oil & cotton pads to remove the zinc
    • Hand soap
    • Shower gel
    • Towels
    • Sarong

    We'll let our guests do the talking

    My Home away from Home

    It was already my second time staying at this beautiful, relaxing place located 10-15 min away from Kuta by scooter. The bungalows are tastefully decorated and situated in a lush tropical garden. You instantly feel like in paradise. Everything is very well maintained and clean.

    Solli and her crew are the absolute best people who made my stay unforgettable. Everyone is so caring, friendly and has a smile on their face.

    I travel a lot and always want to explore new places and normally do not visit the same place again. But with this place it was different. The first time I stayed here I stayed for four weeks although I had only planed to stay for two. But I loved it so much I couldn't leave. This time I booked the intensive surf week called kahuna with coach Scott. It was absolutely amazing and I improved so much. On most day there are two surfsessions a day and Scott takes pictures of you on every session. After each session he analyzes them thoroughly with you and gives you a ton of feedback and shows you where you can improve, shows you new things and lets you in on all his tricks, tactics and games to get the best waves. There are a lot of theory lessons as well, where you learn everything you need to know. And besides that, he is the funniest person and there is never a dull moment with this champ.

    I also took, lessons from the "normal" camp and I can recommend it highly. The Coaches Johnson, Doyo and Rin speak perfect English and make sure you get many waves and always feel safe and have a good time. There are a lot of theory lessons as well and two times a week they take pictures and do a photo review.

    In my mind I secretly already booked my next trip to this place. Thank you again you lovely drop in crew!


    Superior surf camp that's more like a retreat

    It's not only the cakes and the banana pancakes that have taste. The whole place speaks of it - the bungalows with their outdoor showers, the beautifully laid-out garden, the dining/lounge area, the swimming pool - so the word "camp" is a bit of a misnomer. Part-owner Solli clearly has put much love and care into the creation of Drop In, and by surrounding herself with competent people like Scott (surfing) and Ing (the rest) ensures that it is run efficiently and professionally.
    Aspirant surfers are comprehensively coached and taught, including "dry" demos, lectures, photo feedback sessions, and, of course, actual surfing at some of Lombok's best known spots. Throughout it all an agreeable sense of community prevails.
    Situated conveniently halfway between Kuta and Gerupuk, Drop In is the place to stay not only for surfers but also visitors simply wanting a haven of sorts in which to chill. Pleasing features and facilities all add up to create calm and comfort and a kind of rustic, laid-back luxury that's quite unexpected. Barely three kilometers east lies the fabulous Tanjung Aan beach, and to the west, about the same distance away, Kuta town with its buzz and restaurants.
    I've been going to South Lombok for a number of years to surf and cannot imagine not staying at Drop In in future. My only regret is that I hadn't discovered it earlier.


    Magical spot. Great vibe.

    Solli the owner and her team have put a lot of love into this charming place. It’s a low-density lodge - grounds are spaciously laid out and beautifully landscaped, on the quiet fringe of town. Perfect location between the beginner surf spots and Kuta. Rooms are thoughtfully designed, and with good privacy. Outdoor bathrooms a real highlight.

    Thanks to Solli, Scott, Ing, and the kitchen staff for a standout memorable experience!

    Raoul P

    Our Facilities

    Sun terrace

    Movie nights
    Yoga deck and equipment (no yoga classes)
    Indo board
    Book Exchange
    Little Shop (Swimsuits, gifts, Sarong, Kimono, Wax, T-shirts)

    Food & Drink
    Little café/restaurant


    Free private parking is possible on site (reservation is not needed).
    Secured parking

    Pool and wellness
    Sun loungers
    Pool sarong
    10 m outdoor pool

    Motorbike rental (80.000 per day)
    Board rental (80.000 per day)

    WiFi is available in all areas and is free of charge

    Cleaning services
    Daily housekeeping
    Laundry (20.000 IDR per kg)

    Languages spoken

    Our Certifications and Safety Measures

    Amazing Teachers

    Certified life guards and surf coaches

    Lifeguard Training

    The surf crew conducts lifeguard training every year

    #1 Tripadvisor

    We are ranked #1 in Lodges in Kuta, Lombok


    What time is check-in / check-out?
    Check-in is from 14:00. If you wish to arrive earlier, please contact us. Check-out is until 11 am. Both only on Sundays.

    Is there a minium age for joining our coachings?

    YES. Out of safety reason we require a minimum age of 16 years

    Is there already something happening  on the arrival Sunday?
    Yes! Depending on the arrival time of the guests, we start at 4pm with the introduction of your head coach, followed by our welcome dinner (traditional Sasak buffet) at 6pm. After dinner we load the car for the next day.

    Is there anything happening on the departure Sunday?
    No! You can finally sleep in, enjoy your breakfast and hang out until departure.

    It says here that you should bring your own board (intermediate/advanced)… Can I come without a board?
    Of course you can. Generally it’s better to use your own baby as you learn so many new moves. Getting used to another board makes it a bit more difficult. We have a small selection of boards here (no new ones though). The daily rental is IDR 80,000. Or you can rent a board from one of the shops in town.

    Are fees and taxes included in the total price?
    Yes, all fees and taxes are included in the total price.

    How do I know that my reservation is confirmed?
    You’ll receive a confirmation email once you have agreed to our offer.

    I’ve completed my booking but haven’t received a confirmation email, what should I do?
    It’s possible that the confirmation email ended up in your ‘spam folder’. Please check if it’s there. Otherwise, please contact us via our email [email protected] or call us on 0062 81916040533.

    How can I cancel my booking?
    Please email us at [email protected]

    Reception opening hours?
    Our Front Office Manager is personally available from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00. Between these times you can always reach him/her at WA.

    Is breakfast always available?
    Yes! You have breakfast either before surfing or after your first session. We adjust daily to the surfing schedule. If you surf before 7am, you’ll get a healthy snack box.

    What do you have for dinner?
    On Sundays we have our traditional local buffet. This includes lots of vegetables, chicken in different variations, fish, fried corn and rice. During the week, our chef Edi cooks western dishes to Indonesian food. Of course, we can cater for vegetarians, vegans and other dietary needs.

    How does payment work?
    We require 100% payment in advance. We don’t like to do this, but unfortunately we have had some bad experiences in the past. After you receive the invoice, we ask you to transfer the amount within 5 days to secure your place.
    We offer Wise (IDR only) or a normal bank transfer in EUR, CHF, USD or IDR. We recommend Wise as it’s easy, fast and low in fees.

    Do I’ve time to work between courses?
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It all depends on the tides and the weather. After your surf course, you have a detailed theory and photo analysis every day, which can last until the start of the second course. If you still have to work, the evening is your only chance 😉

    What kind of food do you have?
    Our daily menu is meant to be as balanced as possible. You’ll enjoy a breakfast buffet with sweet spreads, fresh bread/toast, toasted cereal or oatmeal, a choice of ham, avocado/tomato and sliced cucumber. Fresh from our kitchen, you can choose all kinds of egg dishes, smoothie bowl, muesli, overnight oats and of course Mie/Nasi Goreng. For dinner, we offer a variety of international dishes, with many vegan/vegetarian options. At a certain point in the week, we also offer a fresh fish dish.

    How do I know my surfing level?
    If you aren’t sure which level (Low Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced) you belong to, please read our level description. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect week for you

    Can I attend the surf camp alone?
    Yes, of course. We have many solo surfers with us. You can have the bungalow all to yourself and mingle with your fellow surfers who are also taking part in the coaching.

    Can I share a bungalow even if I’m travelling alone?
    Yes! If we get another request to share with a fellow surfer. We have a bungalow with two beds. Please indicate if you prefer female or male company when booking. We’ll do our best to accommodate you both together.

    What is required to pack for the surf camp?
    In your confirmation email you’ll find an attachment with everything you need to pack.

    Should I bring my equipment to the surf camp?
    Yes! You should learn with your board and improve your skills if you have one. We’ll make sure your equipment is suitable for your ability, weight and size. If we find that you aren’t progressing with your equipment, we can provide you with boards from 6.4 to 7.6 feet.

    Is your training also aimed at longboarders?
    Our low intermediate is suitable for longboarders. But we don’t teach longboard technique.

    How do I get to and from camp?
    Included in your package is an airport transfer. Once we have received your flight details, we’ll arrange pick-up for you. If you come by slow ferry or speedboat from Bali, we charge IDR 250,000 for the pick-up and return.
    If you want to be picked up from another location in Lombok, we’ll inform you in advance about the additional costs.

    Do I need to be able to drive a motorbike?
    Yes and no. Normally the week is so packed that you’ll hardly have time to go anywhere. But if you must, you can either hire a motorbike for the day or, if you can’t ride a motorbike, one of our lovely staff can drive you there or you can hire a car.

    You don’t need much to travel in Indonesia, but here are a few recommendations on what to bring for surfing.

    • A good, waterproof sunscreen (can also be bought in Lombok, but is very expensive).
    • A pair of leggings for surfing if you’re fair-skinned, to protect the back of your legs! Take your own rashguard. Also in the month of July, August, September the water cools down. If you freeze fast, bring a 1-2 mm Neo with you
    • If you have problems with your ears, take ear drops (e.g. “diver’s ear drops” for prevention) and / or plugs to avoid ear infections; all ear drops you get here contain antibiotics.
    • A USB stick so we can transfer your surf photos directly to it!
    • A refillable water bottle that you can always fill up for free at Drop In. We no longer sell plastic water bottles at Drop In! However, we do sell handy refillable water bottles from Trash Hero with proceeds going directly to our village for girls.
    • Toiletries are very expensive and hard to come by in Kuta, so bring them from home.
    • A waterproof bag would also be great. You’ll be travelling a lot by boat.

    Any requests?

    Contact us if you have any requests. We are flexible and we are happy to help you in case you have any special requests for group bookings, longer stays or any other questions.