We are a tropical boutique Surf Lodge with focus on professional, excellent Surf Coaching’s for intermediate and advanced surfers.

We focus on...

... developing and evolving your surf technique

... expanding your knowledge & understanding through unique & technical Workshops

... providing you with the tools to continue progressing in your surf journey

Drop In Surf Lodge provides excellent and highly professional surf coachings for intermediate and advanced surfers. You can count on daily in-depth theory workshops, multiple detailed photo analysis sessions and personalized feedback on each maneuver and wave. Each coaching week finishes with a personal feedback session which you also get in written form to be able to refer to later on again.

Scott and Tyler, our two Western head surf coaches, are highly qualified and have many years of experience in teaching surfing. Both of them are passionate about teaching and have the rare gift to be able to break down all the different but very important details of surf technique. They are both insane surfers and hold a wealth of knowledge gained in their years of traveling the world while still being down to earth, empathic and having the greatest joy to support you through our little β€œboot camp” style surf coaching weeks.

Scott and Tyler are supported by the best local instructors you can find on the island. All of them have been personally trained by Scott, speak English very well and have been part of the Drop in team for years.

We have been open at our new location since November 2021 and now have even more spirit and passion for high quality surf coachings in our tropical paradise!

Packages starting from 899 Euro

Intermediate & Advanced Surf Coaching

Are you an intermediate or advanced surfer but do you feel sometimes like you don't make any progress anymore? Do you want to unlock your full surfing potential?

Read here all about what it takes to join this special coaching, what a typical day looks like and much more!

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the Fearless Retreat

Do you want to finally improve your surfing technique, but notice that you keep blocking yourself on a mental level? And that's why you don't paddle for steep waves , always pull back at the last moment or fall off the wave? And when it doesn't work out, you sink into a negative spiral of thoughts and feel totally frustrated?

That's exactly why we’ve created our fearless coaching retreat.

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the Wave Survival Breathwork & Rescue Retreat

Are you afraid of wipe outs? Do you know how to rescue your surf buddy? In this workshop you are going to learn how to stay calm during a wipe out, how to control your thoughts and your breath, how to administer CPR and much more with the support of our apnea professionals.

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Surf & Stay

Even though Scott and Tyler are 100% dedicated to their work, they also sometimes need a holiday to catch up with their families. During their quality time at home we still offer our accommodation and surf guiding with our local instructors.

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General Information

Read here all about our new Lodge, what we stand for, our team and why Lombok is the perfect place!

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